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8-40W Linear Triac Dimming LED Driver

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・ Input Voltage Range(220-240Vac)
・ Flicker Free Triac Dimming Linear Driver
・ Power Factor Corrected (>0.9)
・ Low Standby Power (<1W)
・ High reliability to assure LED long life
・ Protections Short Circuit / Over Load / Over Voltage/Over Temperature
・ EN61347,CISPR 15,EN55015

  • Technical Data
    Nominal Input Voltage:220 – 240 VAC
    Line Current, nominal:0.21A MAX.
    Mains Frequency:50/60 Hz
    Rated Power factor:>0.9 (full load) @ 230V
    Power Loss in no load condition<1W
    Protection Class:II
    Output Current:180-1000mADC
    (Remark)@CV30–40VDC 180-1000mA
    Output voltage:30VDC –40VDC
    (Remark)Maximum < 50 VDC
    Output Power:Maximum 42W
    No-load proof:Yes
    Short circuit protection:Automatic, reversible
    Overload protection:Automatic, reversible
    Over temperature protection:Automatic, reversible
    Ambient temperature range, ta:-20 °C to +45 °C
    Max. case temperature at tc point:90 °C
    Dimming:Suitable for trailing edge & leading edge dimmer
    ECG Lifetime:30,000h or 3 years Fail rate <10%
    (Remark)at use of Under normal conditions 
    Cable cross section input side & output side0.5-2.5mm
    (Remark)Solid and flexible
    Wire preparation length Input side & output side120mm
    Geometry (l x b x h):320 x 24.7x 13.7mm
    Weight:130 g
    Safety Standard:IEC 61347-1, IEC 61347-2-13, IEC 62384 
    Radio interference:CISPR 15
    Harmonic content:IEC 61000-3-2
    Immunity:IEC 61000-3-3,IEC 61547
    Surge capability:L-N: 500V
    Galvanic isolation3,75 kVrms
    primary/secondary :SELV-equivalent

    MODEL List

    ModelInput Voltage (V)Output Current (mA)Output Voltage (V)PFFlicker
    ALD08-43018HTL220-24018030-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD08-43020HTL220-24020030-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD12-40030HTL220-24030030-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD15-40035HTL220-24035030-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD18-39040HTL220-24040030-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD18-39045HTL220-24045030-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD18-60030HTL220-24030027-60>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD18-60035HTL220-24035027-60>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD20-40050HTL220-24050030-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD24-40060HTL220-24060030-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD24-50050HTL220-24050027-50>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD24-60040HTL220-24040027-60>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD30-43070HTL220-24070030-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD30-50055HTL220-24055027-50>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD30-50060HTL220-24060027-50>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD30-50065HTL220-24065027-60>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD30-60045HTL220-24045027-60>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD40-40080HTL220-24080027-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD40-40085HTL220-24085027-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD40-40090HTL220-24090027-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD40-40095HTL220-24095027-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD40-40100HTL220-240100030-40>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD40-50070HTL220-24070027-50>0.9Flicker Free
    ALD40-50075HTL220-24075027-50>0.9Flicker Free

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