ALLOOKING Wireless Intelligence Control System

ALLOOKING Intelligence Control System covers the indoor & outdoor areas, widely used in commercial, household and outdoor lighting, industrial lighting range, etc.Flexible portfolio of products and solutions for the global customers with a variety of convenient choice!  


Outdoor lamps and lanterns is the best carrier to build urban wireless network, can transport all kinds of data, including the state of air quality, manhole covers, parking, traffic, etc., ALLOOKING intelligence control system can provide paid for all kinds of city and safety management in wireless Internet access.

ALLOOKING intelligence control system can help to achieve high efficiency and energy saving as well as the visual management, can reduce the cost of maintenance and the unified monitoring, unified management, the operation is simple.


No matter in the field of business or household, the intelligence control system can meet the demand of all kinds of customers, it through the APP, switch, remote control and dimmer products such as random control anytime and anywhere, recognition, and has independent data security controls.

In the demand of the need to upgrade, the intelligence of the minimalist conversion function becomes the customer chose a choice.
The following is the latest ALLOOKING panel switch and controller design.



...More new products continuously updated!

Time : 2019-11-21
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